Amplify your White Label program by incorporating card user incentives. Rewards translate to improved relationships with key audiences, increased brand loyalty…and more business!

White Label Programs

Complete Integration and Support for a Stronger Brand

Will put your brand center stage with our custom White Label programs – tailored to your specs. Leave the heavy lifting to us and enjoy the benefits of improved brand exposure, customer loyalty, and the resulting revenue boost. We’ll design your branded card and handle all the back-end details to ensure the flexibility, security, efficiency, and effectiveness of your program. 


Axiom’s White Label programs are used to pay commissions, reward loyalty, distribute compensation, and are a cost-effective alternative to traditional corporate payroll programs and investment advisory services.

Digital Solutions Make Your Program Tick

Our progressive digital solutions – with an eye on security, efficiency and seamless integration - power our White Label programs. Your time matters. We handle all the administrative work for your custom prepaid program on the backend so you can concentrate on what is front-and-center to your business. 

Start-Up, Management and Monitoring is Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Choose from a full suite of card integration options and fee profiles for a custom experience. 

  2. We get your program up and running in as little as 2 months, depending on scope.

  3. We ensure your program seamlessly integrates with your existing websites and apps and provide comprehensive reporting tools for program management.

Easy set-up: No prior experience or knowledge of running a prepaid card program required


Comprehensive reporting tools: Axiom's Admin Portal provides access to comprehensive reporting tools for better customer management.


Seamless Integration: Axiom's API offers a full-service suite of powerful integration options, allowing you to incorporate cardholder services to your existing applications and websites.


Custom Fee Profile: Cardholder fees and the revenue our clients make on those fees can be customized.


Time to Market: It typically takes 2 months (subject to SOW) to bring a new white label prepaid card to market once the issuer has approved.


Brand Awareness: Axiom's customized approach gives our clients a fully-branded prepaid card with their name and logo that can increase brand awareness every time a card is issued.


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